Union Language School (ULS) 

is the best place to learn thai language in Bangkok. we Providing Quality Thai Language Instruction for over 60 years. We are under the foundation of the Church of Christ In Thailand. It was established in 1955 by the American Baptist Mission, American Presbyterian Mission, Southern Baptist Mission, and The Disciples of Christ. In 1970, Overseas Missionary Fellowship became an associate member. ULS Officially registered with the Ministry of Education in 1965


The Vision of ULS

All those living in Thailand, Thai and non – Thai alike will be able to communicate with each other freely, sharing ideals, ideas, culture and faith with each other. The Mission of ULS is two – fold.

1. To teach the Thai language to anyone who needs to acquire it in order to reside their legitimate concerns in the Kingdom of Thailand.

2.  To facilitate in the sharing of the good news of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. among Thai people.

Our goal is to not only teach you the Thai language, but also to share our Thai experiences, ideals, and culture. We cordially invite you to join our Thai Language Program. You will find the time spent with us both enjoyable and valuable.